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Tutoring Available in the Library Daily. 

Library hours: 8 am-5 pm daily. All tutoring is on a Drop-In basis

Please check the calendar below to see when peer tutors are available. No appointments are needed - come for help with one question or stay the whole time.

Free Online Tutoring is available to all students through 2 venues: FEV Tutoring and Brainfuse. Both have REAL human beings (not 'bots) as tutors and are available 24 hrs a day. 

  • FEV Tutoring--the link to this is in your CLEVER account. When you sign in, it will tell you that there are assessments to take. Just close that box and continue. Here is a link to the login formula for Clever.
  • BrainFuse--Here is the handout that will help you to access this tutoring platform. Some of these subjects are not 24 hours a day.

For questions about tutoring, contact Carol Ann Allred, Teacher Librarian (hours: M-F, 9:45 am-5 pm)

909.389.2500 x32181